Communication: the Lubrication for Relationships with Renelle Nelson

“Communication is like lubrication for relationships. When applied correctly, things go much smoother and with less friction.” – Renelle Nelson

I’m honoured to have had the chance to bring listener favourite Renelle Nelson back onto the podcast for a continued discussion around sex, relationships, and communication – and this one is SO JUICY!

Renelle is an infidelity/intimacy recovery Strategist assisting individuals and couples with healing from the residue of betrayal and learning how to reconnect back to themselves, life, relationships and pleasure. Renelle is a Licensed marriage and family therapist and also a certified sex therapist and coach. She has been assisting individuals and couples with change for over 10 years.

Renelle’s wisdom and knowledge in this field is astounding, and we went deep into a lot of topics including:

  • Communication *before* getting to the bedroom – and why it will make your sex life far better
  • Trust, transparency, and how to strengthen your relationship
  • The difference between checking in with your partner and actually connecting with your partner – and how to start those kinds of deeper level conversations
  • How to figure out if you feel emotionally safe with your partner
  • Why expectations will break your heart, and making assumptions will kill your relationship faster than any affair
  • The importance of active listening
  • Why good relationships require you to leave your ego at the door
  • Giving versus receiving pleasure

This conversation was one of my favourites, and you can hear more of Renelle on episode 136 of the podcast as well.

Make sure to connect with Renelle below and grab her brand new Pleasure Agenda!


Renelle’s Store, including the Pleasure Agenda

IG: @noirsxtherapist

IG: @theorgasmicwife

Affair Aftercare



Episode #117, The 9 Year Affair: Lessons in Infidelity

Episode #136, Communication, Betrayal, Infidelity & Self Esteem with Renelle Nelson

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