20 Things Not Worth Postponing in Life

Don’t delay telling people you love and miss them, forgive faster, care for your mental and physical health, and show compassion towards others.

Another trip around the sun, and 2020 in particular has taught us many lessons that we didn’t even know we needed.

One lesson in particular that has stood out to me is that anything can happen, and not to put off doing certain things.

Some examples of things to *not* postpone:

  • Reaching out when you miss someone or you think of them.
  • Telling people we love them, even when it means we have to put aside our pride and ego to do so.
  • Making hard choices that others won’t if it will bring you peace
  • Showing compassion towards yourself and others
  • Caring for your physical health
  • Learning to let go and release expectations

Tune in for the full list…and a few stories to go with them.


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