How to Have Compassion for Someone Who Hurt You

“When you can see someone in all of their human-ness, it will allow you to heal and let go, rather than gripping onto old hurts and keep your ego running the show.”

Ooof. Having compassion for someone who hurt us is harder than it seems, but we’re breaking it all down today, including:

  • Figuring out the stories we’re creating that can be preventing us from viewing things with a lens of compassion
  • Giving the benefit of the doubt while also acknowledging your own truth and boundaries
  • Realizing you too have made mistakes
  • And the process that comes with letting go of old hurts.

People will come into your life for different reasons. They might be there to love you, to test you, to push you in new ways, and some are going to hurt you along the way, just as we will all end up inevitably doing to others at times too. 

They may be in our lives for a long period of time, or perhaps they’ll only stay long enough for a brief encounter. 

No matter what, they all provide lessons. An opportunity for growth, resilience and strength to develop. 


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