Keeping the Fire Alive in Your Relationship with Judy Arazoza

December 20, 2018

Today I have the honour of bringing you a very dear friend of mine, Judy Arazoza.

We met last year in a business coaching group, and joined the same mastermind with a different coach this year, so I’ve been able to continue to get to know her, and the more you know about Judy, the more you love her.

Judy is the owner of Grateful Fitness, helping women master nutrition and fitness with a grateful heart.  The entire foundation of Judy’s business is helping women midlife and upward with ditching the diets, gaining body confidence, figuring out the right fit for your workouts and fitness, along with seeing life from a perspective of gratitude.  One of Judy’s main philosophies that she lives by is that there are no rules nor should there be when it comes to gratitude and self love. 

Recently Judy and I attended a mastermind retreat together and I was able to finally meet her husband Ed, whom I had heard so much about!  It was a delight to see them together and how they interact as a couple, and when Judy and I talked about doing this podcast episode and she suggested discussing relationships, I jumped at the chance to chat with her about this and had all kind of questions for her!

Some of the areas we cover include:

  • How her partner is her best friend, and at age 57 is still in love with the man she has loved since she was 16
  • Balancing kids and marriage (they have 4 kids!)
  • Keeping things interesting over the years
  • The role of health and fitness in a relationship
  • Developing little habits unique to you as a couple that keeps the fire alive
  • Normalizing the fears many of us have about relationships (her answer may surprise you!)
  • Keys to an exceptional relationship

I’m so delighted to be able to call Judy a close and trusted friend, and grateful that she not only took the time for this interview, but really opened up with us about some of the highs and lows around relationships.  As Judy says, it’s not all champagne and roses, and she was very honest with us about that and how she and her husband handle those moments as partners.

And finally, if you’re seeing/listening to this episode in real time, please go wish Judy a very happy birthday over on Instagram!  Her birthday is tomorrow, December 21st, and it would be so fun to show this amazing woman some extra birthday love.




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