Kids Mental Health, Education & Entrepreneurship for Teens with Jessica Flynn of Flynn Collaboration

June 24, 2021

Today we’re talking to a dear friend of mine and powerhouse entrepreneur, Jessica Flynn of Flynn Collaboration.

Jess is a mom of two, a high school teacher for eleven years, and loves helping teens access and believe in their own potential. She’s also launched several businesses, and when she mentioned this project she had created, Be Your Own B.O.S.S. Virtual Entrepreneurship Camp, I immediately asked to be involved because the value Jess has built into this project is incredible.

Not only that, the statistics that have come out so far around kids mental health and the effect the pandemic has had are staggering and frightening.

We won’t know the full effect and numbers until after more time has passed and research has been done, but the initial numbers have been indicative of how hard all of this has been on our youth.

I’m not a parent, but I’ve spoken with many parents over the past year about some of the struggles both they and their kids are experiencing, and some of the stats that are already starting to come out around mental health and the impact this pandemic has had….alarming.

I’m BEYOND excited to be part of this project as one of the mentors working with the kids.

There was nothing like this when I was growing up, and I never even really knew that entrepreneurship was an option because I didn’t learn about it or know more than one or two people who had their own business.

It was only because of being able to look to people who were doing the things that I didn’t even think were possible that I was able to start imagining what I could do for myself – and this camp is going to do exactly that for teens.

Jess and I are also going to be talking about:

  • Kids mental health and the effect the pandemic has had, including sharing some statistics
  • Talking about the current education system and how much parts of it need to be overhauled
  • Jess’ vision of bringing more mentorship to kids outside of school and sports 
  • Bringing the focus more to giving kids solid skills, character, confidence building, resilience etc that can be applied in various areas and careers alongside the content

Even if you’re not a parent, there’s some incredibly valuable information in here for everyone to consider – or, pass this along to a parent you know and a teen who could benefit from joining this amazing camp!

More about Jess…

Jessica Flynn is a mother of two, living in beautiful Collingwood Ontario, and is so excited to hang out with you, and get you feeling inspired and empowered this summer! She started Be Your Own B.O.S.S. Virtual Entrepreneurship Camp because it’s exactly what she (and so many of our Camp Collaborators) would have loved to have experienced when they were in high school, and because she has since experienced the true power that comes from creative thinking, curiosity and entrepreneurship!

She’s been a high school teacher for eleven years, and loves helping teens access and believe in their own potential. She’s also launched several businesses, renovated houses, and started her own construction company. You might say she’s tried it all – but there’s still so much more she plans to learn!

This past year or so has been particularly challenging for our youth. You’ve been isolated and faced many obstacles to just attend school and stay connected to your friends, family and mentors. Jessica firmly believe that it’s time for you to be seen, heard, and given a place to dream big – without expectations or grades. She and the team are so excited to guide our campers along a fun journey of self-discovery, creativity, learning, and exploration.


Registration closes July 2, 2021: all the details here.

Helping teens discover their limitless potential through the exploration of entrepreneurship

July 5-30, 2021

Following our B.O.S.S. Framework campers will experience a quick (4 week) tour through the Entrepreneur’s Journey, all while developing a stronger sense of self, and setting some powerful and actionable goals for the coming months and years ahead. 

Alongside a dynamic team of incredibly experienced and powerful business leaders, Ontario Certified Teacher and Entrepreneur herself, Jessica Flynn leads the camp through a combination of pre-recorded guiding and instructional videos, as well as hours of live digital group mentoring each week. Activities will have campers not only on screen, but also outdoors, interacting with friends and family (where possible), and feeling a real sense of support within the Be Your Own B.O.S.S. Camp Community. 

We’ve also recently added a guided yoga practice for campers to begin their days with, and have Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Darryl Collings speaking to the camp about the unexpected world of business ownership among medical and other professions. 

Virtual Camp is open to campers ages 13-18 around the globe. This 4 week virtual program is offered at $249 USD and can be paid in full upon checkout, or in two equal payments of $124.99. 

Jessica Flynn and The Flynn Collaboration are very passionate about giving back. Since camp registration opened on May 31st, 12 camp seats (and counting) have been assigned as 100% scholarships and will be awarded to youth in need of this opportunity. In addition, and in partnership with Camp Collaborator Lindsay Earle, we are proud to offer the “I’m a BOSS Scholarship” to an enthusiastic camper who identifies as Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Colour, and who is passionate about entrepreneurship.


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Be Your Own B.O.S.S. Virtual Entrepreneurship Camp



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