Listening to Your Intuition & Gut Instinct: Stop Ignoring Your Body


I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this episode after openly discussing the signs my body was screaming at me that something wasn’t right in my long term relationship.  When my former partner’s 9 years of infidelity was revealed, everything suddenly made so much more sense.

Even with my background in psychology and holistic nutrition (which examines the body as a whole, not separate parts or two separate entities) I was missing the signs of the connection between the mind and my own body, and ignoring my instincts.  

Our brain power is incredibly powerful and often very misunderstood. What we often seem to forget is that we experience emotions directly in the body. Think about anxiety causing your chest to tighten, or joy when you see your significant other giving your stomach a little flip.  Our bodies are talking to us constantly. 

“The brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, and indeed, all the organs of our body and all the emotional responses that we have, share a common chemical language and are constantly communicating with one another.”

-Dr. James Gordon, Founder of the Center for Mind/Body Medicine

In this episode, we’re talking about how we often allow emotions to build up and how to release them in a healthy way, learning how to pay attention to biofeedback, taking a close look at your relationships and how people are making you feel, and 6 specific ways to start to figure out how to fully tune in and come home to yourself.

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