Overwhelm & Information Overload is Our Responsibility

February 19, 2019

How to handle information overload.  It’s a question I’m asked about regularly.

There’s so much info out there floating around, and with unlimited access to books, podcasts, social media and let loose with a Google search bar, it can feel hard to know where to begin when it comes to making changes to your life.

Whether it’s lifestyle, nutrition or business, we need to cut through all the noise so that we can figure out how to navigate the actual changes we want to make.

If we’re always busy looking around to see what everyone else is doing,

how will we ever figure it out for ourselves?

Steps to start taking to stop information overload:

  1. Put yourself on an information diet.  Cut out the nutrition books, the articles, blog posts, new articles, Instagram feeds, your neighbour, all of that.  It’s drowning out your intuition and making you feel disconnected from yourself and what you know to be true for your own body.
  2. Get HONEST with yourself.  What are your current habits?  Where do you want to be instead?  What’s the difference between the current and ideal vision? Starting to behave like that other person, but have to be honest with ourselves first, even if that means acknowledging that we might be farther from our ideal than we would like.
  3. Start with ONE thing.  Yes, might sound boring and ineffective, but if you did that one thing consistently, what would that look like later on?
  4. Stop expecting change to happen overnight.  Businesses take time to build.  Bodies take time to change and adjust.  Mindset is the only thing you have the most control over, so start there first.
  5. Build self-trust. This happens when we follow through on our own promises to ourselves, one day at a time, and maintain our own boundaries with ourselves and with others.  This is when you get to the end of a day and you’re happy with the decisions that you made that day, even if it was one tiny decision to eat a really nutritious meal for lunch, or to write that article you’re submitting, or to fit in a workout.  When you promise yourself you’re going to do something and you keep that promise to yourself, you build trust in yourself.



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