Stop Quitting on Yourself

October 9, 2018

I might start calling these episodes “Tough Love Tuesdays, ” ha!

Listen, no one has it all figured out.  I want to make that exceptionally clear.  The polished, pretty photos on Instagram rarely show the full picture and none of us has our shit together.  This episode topic really spoke to me because it’s been an emotional roller coaster of a year (for various reasons, professional and personal) and sometimes I have this very pep talk with myself to get back on track.

And… usually works.  So I want to share this with you, because sometimes we all need a little help to rally and get back on track, am I right?

Here’s the thing: you need to stop giving up on yourself.  

You’ve probably done it thousands of times.  Set a goal, even the smallest goal, failed, and gave up.  And then tried again only to have the same thing happen and repeat the cycle.



If you have a big goal, then you’re in this for the long haul.  You’re in this for life.  It’s going to take time, effort, sweat, and tears. Nothing is going to be handed to you.  You’re going to have to work for it.  Whether you’re building a business, getting your nutrition on track, building a body and upping your fitness, or aiming to be the best partner/mom/friend out there, this is not going to happen overnight.  

So stop expecting it to happen quickly.

Stop giving up when obstacles come up.

Stop giving in to all of the excuses you’re telling yourself.

Because this is the long haul, you’re going to have to find ways to enjoy the process.  That’s where the sustainability factor is.  That’s where you can find joy in the journey, because if you don’t like how you get to your goal, you’re not going to be happy when you get there.



All of our behaviours are based on habits that we’re used to performing regularly, and whatever you do on a regular basis is what you’re practicing.  It’s what you’re getting better at.  And you can choose what that will look like.

You might be getting better at watching TV for hours every night, sleeping late, and eating foods you’re trying to avoid.

You might be getting better at going to the gym, eating eggs & veggies for brekkie and fitting in a walk.

You might be getting better at writing in your journal every morning with a cup of tea.

Whatever it is, if you’re doing it regularly, that’s what you’re practicing and improving upon.

This is incredibly encouraging, because it means you can make different choices to start practicing something new right away!  You don’t need to wait for next month, or until the new year to make a change.  You can start making different choices now to become incrementally better than you were yesterday.

Four action steps that are a must to stop giving up on yourself and your big dreams:

  1. Start TODAY.

  2. Start SMALL.


  4. PRACTICE.  Repeat.  Create a habit out of the things you’re trying to achieve.

and if you need a little help figuring out where all of this fits into your own life….


I’m offering a handful of FREE 30 minute calls to audit your nutrition and lifestyle, because the two are so closely connected that we need to examine both to get you the change you want.  

I can help you crack open some of those old habits so that you can start practicing new ones ASAP.  Stop waiting for someone to give you permission, or for the “right time,” whatever that looks like.  There’s no better time than right now, and that way you have new habits you can practice over the holidays and start the new year feeling better than ever, rather than bloated and guilty.

You deserve this.  You deserve to stop giving up on yourself.

Book a free call with Emily here.



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