Creating the Freedom to Live & Play Within Your Days, and Impacting Climate Change with Elana Jadallah of Elanaloo & Dérive Collective

November 27, 2018

Today’s episode is a VERY special listen, with an extraordinary guest discussing some incredibly important topics.  It also happens to be one of my favourite episodes to date, and I don’t say that about just any episode!

Meet Elana Jadallah.

Elana, or as some call her, Loo,  is an entrepreneur, photographer and educator who runs the blog and co-founded Dérive Collective, a social media consulting and photography company. She’s wildly passionate about entrepreneurship, travel, wellness and sustainability and welcomes us along on our journey in hopes we are too!

Elana likes to spend her days feet planted in the sand with camera in hand, on the shores of Hawai’i or coast of Maine depending on the time of year. With an infinite love for the outdoors, beautiful photographs and experiencing new places, she’s shaped her life and career around travel and using her platforms to impact the world. She shares her experiences and adventures while empowering us with tools to build a sustainable life and business, ways to live more mindfully and inspiration to experience the depth of this world.

I came across Elana through the power of Instagram, first becoming a fan of her partner Aaron’s beautiful photos, and then finding Elana after she and Aaron had a gorgeous photography session with Lindsay Roman.  Immediately drawn to Elana’s message around simplicity, sustainability in life and work, and her focus on the environment, I was beyond honoured to have had a chance to speak with Elana and could have talked to her all day!

This episode is a must listen and covers some significant topics that deserve more attention:

  • Huge focus in sustainability, everything from everyday life and our health, to business and the environment
  • Taking care not to wrap up your entire identity in being an entreprenur and your work
  • Healthy hustle and finding ways to create the freedom to live and play within your days for enjoyment and to avoid burnout
  • Being present and intentional, and how living in Hawaii has taught Elana how to live life with more intention in her business and on her priorities, along with shifting her entire body image and how she views herself with confidence
  • Asking WHY more often in every area of your life and doing the work to educate yourself (seems to be a recurring theme on this podcast!)
  • Most importantly, we share a powerful, compelling and eye-opening discussion about the environment. Living on the Hawaiian islands where there is such a sensitive ecosystem, Elana has a front-row seat to some of the most serious effects of climate change and plastic usage, and it’s going to shift how you look at the environment you cultivate in your own home and everyday life.

Elana cultivates such a beautiful positive attitude, not only in herself but in everyone around her as well. She also happens to be every bit as lovely to speak to in real life as she seems online, and her Instagram account is one of my fave on IG to follow!  Make sure to check her out, along with this POWERFUL episode that will change the way you think and how you show up in your own life. 

Don’t forget to check out the many resources mentioned during the interview as well, all found below.  

[All photos posted with permission by Elana]  

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Instagram @elanaloo



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