How to Use Collaboration to Jumpstart Growth with Sarah Swain of The Great Canadian Woman

April 4, 2019

I had the honour of being the first person to get a chance to interview Sarah Swain, the mastermind behind the platform The Great Canadian Woman, and you NEED to get to know her!

Often referred to as a serial entrepreneur, Sarah has an innate ability to take an idea and turn it into reality at lightning speed in BIG ways, sustainably.  Sarah has hosted highly successful group & 1:1 coaching platforms in life & business and is the visionary behind The Great Canadian Woman™, boasting a 5-star podcast, a rapidly growing annual live event, wilderness retreats, a book publication & lifestyle blog. She left the job she was great at, to pursue the work that she loved and she nearly replaced her 6-figure corporate salary in her first year of making it all happen.

This woman is an absolute powerhouse, and I’ve been blown away watching how quickly she has managed to have such a tremendous impact on women across Canada (and elsewhere!), and am always struck by how naturally she manages to bring women together, share their stories, and create this powerful platform for women to collaborate and learn from each other.

Sarah and I covered a ton in this episode, including:

  • The power of starting
  • How to build momentum
  • The VERY surprising answer she gave when I asked her how to handle stalled growth, especially in your business
  • When the hustle is necessary
  • Claiming our own power
  • Leaving space for the magic to come through

Can’t wait for you to tune in!  Make sure to check Sarah out, as well as her podcast The Great Canadian Woman for all the badassery she serves up twice a week. 



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