It’s Safe To Be In Your Full Power

full power, full potential, overcoming fear

May 26, 2023

Fear of change can often leave us dangling on the cusp of our own massive success. Consequently, instead of unleashing our full power to the universe, we lock ourselves in the subconscious “safe zone” of the things, relationships, situations and habits that minimize our power. 

Change is indeed scary as hell. But stepping into your full power requires letting go of the doubts, uncertainties and people holding us back. This way, we open ourselves up to inviting in that next glorious chapter. Today, we’re talking about how to confidently let go of those fears so you can safely – and finally – step into your full power. 

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • Vulnerability
  • Letting go
  • How to reach your full potential
  • Experiencing joy
  • Overcoming fear
  • Navigating change
  • Personal development
  • Relationships

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Podcast Producer: Adam Liefl


You have everything you already need within you at this very moment. Sometimes the only other thing that you have to do is to just learn to access it. More than that, to just learn to trust that you have it at all. And when you trust that you have the tools that you need, you can then prove to yourself that you do have it,

that you can hold it down, that you’ve got this. I’m Emily Gough, a human connection coach, writer, and speaker with an insatiable sense of curiosity and adventure, always asking more questions. And using the power of stories to teach, learn, and Grow. We boldly explore relationships, connection, and the nuances and complexities of the human experience with compassion,

honesty, and a sense of humor. With both solo episodes and highly curated guests, sharing incredible stories, experiences and expertise. The Room to Grow Podcast takes the entire idea of growth to the next level, all while covering the uncomfortable topics many of us would like to avoid. There’s always more room to grow. Let’s do this. Hey, welcome back to The Room to Grow podcast Emily here.

And today we’re gonna be talking about why it is safe to be in your full power, why it is safe to be in your full power. I have been talking to a lot of people and I am having this conversation in my own life and with myself, by the way, about this a lot lately because there are so many people that I am finding and hearing and and speaking to,

again, I’m including myself in this, that are really entering into a new chapter, and that is such a beautiful gift. And I, it it’s often something, it’s feeling like, like things coming together that have been years in the making. So there’s a lot of excitement in some ways about this. And, and it doesn’t, you know, everyone is going through a different type of chapter,

so there can also be some really hard things that are coming up too. Whatever chapter you are in or stepping into or having open to you, there are always going to be ways where you can utilize your own personal power that you don’t have to feel like you are either a victim of circumstance or as though you, you aren’t fully owning, like, like the fullest expression of yourself and who you are.

And, and stepping into that rather than playing small and limiting yourself and, and feeling like you’re being held back either by yourself or by circumstances or whatever it is, whatever the things that are, that are playing out. So, I want to kinda ask you, like, do you find no matter what chapter you’re in right now, do you find that you keep going back to the things,

people, situations or habits that minimize your power? Do you find that you are giving away your own power? And the reason why I ask is because our subconscious is often afraid of, of what, what our lives will look and feel like when we are in our full power, because the subconscious knows that that will change everything. When you are in your full power,

everything changes. And, and when you keep bumping into this, this feeling of of not being in your full power, you’re not actually doing anything wrong. Like if you, if you feel like there are certain habits that you’re not establishing and everything else, of course there’s, there’s other things involved with that as well. This isn’t gonna be a, a conversation about,

about habits for this particular episode, but you’re, it’s not sometimes that you’re doing anything wrong. It’s because your subconscious is afraid of what it will mean and what your life will look like and what changes will take place in massive ways if you are in your full power. And a lot of times if we’re having this sensation of, of diluting our own power,

it can actually mean that you are incredibly close to a breakthrough. And what I want to reassure you is that it is safe to succeed. It is safe to succeed. If you weren’t ready, the opportunities would not be presenting themselves. And opportunities come in many forms. Sometimes they come in very painful forms that require you to step up into your full power and face those things head on in order to stretch you enough to grow into the person who will be best suited to the life,

the relationships, the, the next level opportunities that are coming your way. But sometimes you have to go through these things first in order to get there. Or maybe you’re in a chapter where you have already gone through a lot of those painful moments and it is now safe for you to succeed in all of the most beautiful, like, lush, fulfilling,

abundant ways with ease because you’ve done the work, you’ve done the work. And more than that, like to step into your full power is going to require letting go of your doubts and your, your uncertainties in order to open yourself up to stepping into this next chapter. And the reason why I’m doing this, a as you know, I often say this on this podcast,

I’m often talking to myself with these episodes as much as I’m talking to anyone else who cares to listen. Because lately I have felt a lot of resistance coming up with myself, almost this internal battle because lots of things are changing in my life in really significant ways, really, really good things, really good things. And I can feel a lot more good things changing and,

and and wanting to come in as well. Things that I have waited for and worked towards for a very long time, like years and years. And as much as I have wanted them now that they have started to arrive, I have felt fear coming up and anxiety this morning. I actually, I I I haven’t been feeling super anxious overall lately, but last night I had this like really big wave of,

of anxiety come up. And this morning I felt like I couldn’t even eat my breakfast until I sort of like talked myself through it. So, you know, these, these skills, by the way, this is a little bit of inside, but the skills that you learn on your journey of growth and the the skills and and tools that, that I teach,

the people that I work with and coach with as well, I use these in my own life every single day with myself too. Like that is the sign of, of that’s somebody, that’s something that you always want to look for in, in people that you choose to work with. Like, are they walking their walk? Because the only way that I can help other people move through their shit is if I’m able to,

to work myself through some of my own. And yes, of course I have, I have support from beautiful other humans as well who also help me. But we all have to have tools in our toolbox that can get us through so that we can rely on ourselves and to, to build the self-trust that we know that we can handle it when things go down.

Because not everyone will always be available for us when we need it. And we need to be able to build that sense of self from within. That is partly what fuels our sense of inner power. So there’ve been so many amazing things starting to change in my life in, in the most incredible ways. And as much as I’ve wanted these things for so long,

I, I’m finding myself questioning it. Like, am I ready? Can I, can I have all of these things? Like, can, can I have it all? Have I learned all the lessons that I need here in this, in this past chapter that is not only closing, it’s basically already closed, but I’ve been like hanging on to tendrils of it even though it has been by far the most painful chapter of my life.

And it is like it is closed, like it is closed, but I have still been sort of like, okay, but is it though, like also just not necessarily trusting that all these beautiful things are coming in to stay, right? Because when you’ve moved through really hard things, you can have a bit of a distrust of that. It’s incredibly vulnerable to experience joy.

It’s incredibly vulnerable to experience joy. It’s actually one of the most vulnerable emotions that we can experience, oddly enough, because we’re then afraid it’s gonna get taken away from us and then we end up missing the, the fullness of that experience because we’re so busy stressed now that we’ve gotten the thing that we wanted or the, or the feeling that we wanted or,

or any of those things, right? So I’ve been, I’ve been having this, this battle with myself of, you know, well have, have I learned all the lessons I need from this like, past chapter that is closing? Oh, like, okay, but have I really learned everything? Because I, I cannot repeat some of these same mistakes again that I made along the way.

You have everything you already need within you at this very moment. You have every single thing you need. Sometimes the only other thing that you have to do is to just learn to access it more than that. To just learn to trust that you have it at all. And when you trust that you have the tools that you need and that you have the strength and the courage and the bravery to get through whatever thing is being placed in front of you,

that is more than enough to simply allow it to come out. And then you can show yourself and prove to your own brain, which is our brains are watching us all the time. You can then prove to yourself that you do have it, that you can hold it down, that you’ve got this, that you have got this and this new chapter,

whatever chapter it is that you’re entering, it’s going to require you to step into your fullest expression of yourself. It is uncomfortable, but it is so beyond worth it when you sidestep your own personal power and, and what you know you’re capable of. What does that cost you? What, what version of of you or your life or your relationships are you unable to access when that happens?

What could continue to remain out of reach for you until you make the decision to step into you and all that you have become and, and continue to grow into and, and embodying of your full power? When you run into these moments, like when, when you bump into these moments, ask your highest self how they would show up right now, how can you show up in a way right now that you’ll be proud of five or 10 years from now when,

when you look back on this moment in time and this beautiful opportunity is presenting itself to you or, or relationship or job offer or, you know, career goal, it doesn’t even have to be anything that major. It can be a a, a seemingly smaller thing that actually leads to really massive things as well. So don’t, don’t, you know,

just write off like the, the little things. Cuz the little things not only add up, the little things can end up being so much bigger than you can possibly even predict or see right now. How can you show up in these moments that you will be proud of five or 10 years from now? And I want to ask you, I want you to ask yourself too,

where do you feel your power reside within your body? I asked this in in my women’s group coaching program membership recently, and they, everyone kind of stopped and had to sort of like really consider it and sit with it. And it was really cool to see everybody kind of go like, oh, well, you know, and, and one of,

one of my ladies, it was really cool, she broke down where she feels her power for her business in her body versus where she feels her her own personal sense of power in her body. And they were two different places. So that was super cool too. And one of the things that came up from, from this practice was, and this,

this is credit to, to one of one of the ladies in, in my group who is, who is just amazing. She said that it got her thinking about like little choices, big impact. So where can you make a little choice right now that will have massive impact for you? Where can you shift a habit? Where can you embody your power just a little bit more?

Because otherwise this can feel, this can feel very intimidating, right? If you’re thinking about stepping into the fullest expression of your power, if you feel like you’re not coming anywhere close to embodying your full power right now, that feels like a pretty fucking big jump. That’s like, goddamn that. How do I get from here to there? Right? So how can you make a little choice that will have a big impact,

a big ripple effect? How can you even just make a little choice right now, even without predicting the big impact, but just kind of let things unfold? And I promise you, if you make enough little choices to step into, into your power, those little choices will turn into big impact massively and very quickly. Where do you maybe need to release some old beliefs,

either about yourself or about what you think you are worthy of or deserving of what you think is possible for you? What do you need to release? What, what versions of you do you need to let go of in order to embody your fullest self? How can you connect back in with you how to, how can you connect back in with yourself?

How can you regulate yourself through the moments of stress and anxiety like I had to just this morning in order to get to that, that next step? So this morning I, I was like, I need to record a podcast episode. I can’t go into this like feeling super stressed and stuff. I, I, I don’t, I I refuse to like bring that energy with me.

So I’ve had to get very good at clearing it from myself or working myself through it in a lot of ways. And sometimes maybe com compartmentalizing it until I can come back to it later and, and then allow it the full space. Because as we know, not everything can be solved in like a few minutes clearly. So yeah, sometimes we do have to set something aside,

but this morning I was able to actually just work myself through it, clear it out, and I feel really good. And that then allows me the space to be able to step into it. And sometimes we’re gonna just have to do it fucking scared because that is courage, that is bravery, that is showing up in your fullest expression in, in,

in the most powerful way because you are feeling perhaps terrified or anxious or, or freaked out or whatever it is, and you’re doing the thing anyway. That is courage. Courage isn’t just like going out and doing the thing. Courage is what happens when you’re scared and you do the thing anyway. How can you embody your own sense of personal power? How can you allow that to show up for you?

Where, where can you see that, that there are parts of you subconsciously or consciously that are afraid of what your, your life might look or feel like when you are in your full power? Where is that holding you back? Where are you diluting yourself to make someone or something else comfortable, perhaps even yourself? So sit with this a little bit.

I’d love to hear from you on this. Let me know how this goes. Send me a DM over at Emily Goff. Coach, I really do mean that I love, love, love, love getting messages from people about these things. It’s so cool to to know that there is, you know, somebody out there who maybe got even one tiny little thing from a podcast episode.

So let me know how it goes. Let me know what you are maybe dealing with, where you can feel yourself perhaps like struggling with this a little bit. Because I feel you, I was here, I was there just this morning, like, trust me, this is not, these are not lessons that we learn once and then never approach again.

This is what growth is. We, we grow to one level and then we have to grow into the next and then the next and then the next and the next. And the more we can get comfortable with the process of the discomfort that comes with growth, the easier we will be able to navigate it. And, and the more we will be able to fully embody our power to get to our next level.

Whatever that looks like for you. So here’s to you and your full fucking power and embodying every single ounce of it. Talk to you soon. Thank you so much for listening. If you want more, one of the most common questions I get is where do I even start doing this work to create deeper connections and better relationships? I’ve got a free 15 page guide for you called,

where Do We Begin? This is the very foundation that you need to start building healthy relationships with others and with yourself. This is my gift to you, and multiple people have referred to it as life-changing. You can find it over a room to grow or check the show notes to go download it and have it sent straight to your inbox. Thanks so much and stay tuned for more episodes weekly.


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