Where Vulnerability is a Strength.

On the Room To Grow™ Podcast I’ll share openly with you every step of the way, along with real talk, no BS tools to navigate life and relationships. Sense of humour included.

Let's dive into the uncomfortable, messy parts of life so you can be a stronger, more resilient human.​

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Learn to create meaningful relationships. Set boundaries & communicate. Confidently make bold choices like your life depends on it. Because it does. This is the sh*t they don’t teach you in school.

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Whether you need a single hour of direction and clarity or ongoing support as you grow, Emily is your no BS coach to deliver results.

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Our courses support you getting crystal clear on your story so that you can expand your voice, reach and create connection with more people via Podcasting.

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What Others are Saying About The Room To Grow™ Podcast

“Emily has so many episode that touch so many different parts of navigating a modern life, her guests are so diverse and really easy to connect with! Emily does such a great job conveying information and does not seem like she is talking AT you, but really makes it seem like a genuine conversation! Love this podcast, 10/10 would recommend to a friend.”
“I just listened to the latest one about the infidelity- and in the middle of it, I thought- she should write a book. The world needs to hear this, how women don’t have to stay because of money, fear, etc. she has a powerful message. I’m on to listen to more, but had to share that she is very honest, insightful, with gratitude from her circumstances. Wow.”
“Emily is a great host—equally as entertaining on her own as she is when interviewing a guest. I think she’s got a wonderful interview style—she’s curious, a great listener, and brings out the best in her guests. I feel inspired whether I listen. Thanks for sharing with us, Emily!”

Human Connection Coach. Speaker. Mental Health Advocate. Host of the Room to Grow™ Podcast.

With years of coaching experience and connection & compassion as superpowers, Emily’s genuine, down-to-earth and direct approach will give you the guidance and perspective you need to make the bold moves you’ve been avoiding.

No fluff or #goodvibesonly around here. Instead, you get real-life tools and strategies that will help you like & trust yourself more to create the life you deserve.