Touch Starvation, Cuddle Therapy & the Power of Healing the Masculine

October 6, 2022

When I heard about this woman who runs a healing centre offering touch starvation and cuddle therapy for men out of her own home, I knew I had to invite her on this podcast. 

Her name is Kat. And not only is her own story super inspiring, but her approach to helping men and couples heal from symptoms of touch starvation – lack of intimate, physical contact with others – is remarkable. 

Physical intimacy in our relationships (outside of sex) is vital for our mental, emotional and physical health. But in a society where many men still suppress or balk at their need for physical and emotional intimacy, therapy involving gentle touching and platonic cuddling is catching on. 

In this episode, Kat and I are talking about:

  • Why men, in particular, often suffer from touch starvation
  • Why touch and physical intimacy outside of sex is so important in a relationship
  • How sexually active relationships can still lack physical intimacy
  • Symptoms and effects of touch starvation
  • How a cuddle therapy session works
  • Effects and benefits of cuddle therapy
  • Masculine stigmas that cause many men to suffer
  • Why Kat focuses her healing therapy mainly on men
  • Why Kat chose to focus on helping men heal, despite being a victim of abuse by men


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Kat’s Service: I Am Love Healing Centre

Quote: “Physical touch excites the part of the brain that regulates emotion, reward, and compassion,” says Wind. “Essentially, it makes us feel good and makes us close to the people we love. It signals safety, trust, and a sense of belonging.” -Dr. Brian Wind

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