35 Lessons About Life, Love & Human Connection

May 25, 2022


posted this on social media on my birthday months ago, and people have referred back to it often. It turned out to be my most-saved post of 2021!

I refer back to this list often too, because these are the lessons I try to live by and incorporate into my everyday life.

Here’s a handful we’ll be talking about:

  • Pain can be your greatest teacher. But don’t forget to feel it before trying to skip to the lessons.
  • Trust your inner knowing. Intuition is a combination of logic and feeling. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting your intuition right the first time – logic can only be learned through lived experiences. You have to live it to learn it.
  • Letting go may be the secret to happiness. Because life is a series of happy moments strung together, but you’ll miss them if you’re too busy searching for that one destination.
  • One trip traveling solo is equivalent to at least 5 years of therapy.
  • Trust = clarity + choice
  • You won’t know the strength or depth of a connection until it’s been tested by conflict.

And 29 more! 😉

Let me know what you think, and what can we add to the list?! Send me a DM and we’ll keep the list going.


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