The Fear of Success is Real: Everything Has a Price

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I have a confession to make: I’ve been hiding. Much as it might seem as though I’ve been putting myself out there more than ever, and I have been, I’ve also struggled with crushing levels of resistance to everything that I want to do and know that I am capable of accomplishing the past couple of months in particular. Leveraging … Read More

[BIZ TIPS] Show Your Face Without Fear: Getting on Live Video

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You know I’m still all about podcasting, but video is still important, especially for Instagram stories. That doesn’t mean you have to be doing video trainings  or Youtube videos, but you still need to be showing your face.  People need to get to know you, AND podcasting isn’t necessarily for everyone, though it can be an even better way to … Read More

[BIZ TIPS] How an Awkward Introvert Makes Friends Around the Globe

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BY POPULAR REQUEST: I’m breaking apart a topic that I’ve been asked about by so many people in recent months and how I seem to make friends fairly rapidly and seemingly everywhere I go in my global travels.  I’ve even surprised myself at times, because I fully identify as being not only an introvert (which is not synonymous with shy, … Read More

When Things Go Wrong: Lessons From Crying in an Apple Store

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I cried in an Apple store the other day. 2 weeks without use of my laptop that refused to turn on, more than a dozen hours logged on the phone with Apple across divisions on 3 different continents, multiple round trip flights between flying to Honolulu from a different Hawaiian Island and then again from Bali to Australia just to … Read More

[BIZ TIPS] Shutting Down Imposter Syndrome That Keeps You Stuck

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“Fear is not the enemy.  Waiting to stop feeling afraid is.” -Marie Forleo I have a moment of minor (or major, depending on how vulnerable it is) panic every.single.time I press publish on a piece of content, ESPECIALLY when it’s for the podcast because it feels so much more personal to me than any other medium because people can hear … Read More

[BIZ TIPS] Re-Purpose That Sh*t: Stop Being a Content Machine

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So you’re on the hamster wheel of content creation and you’re exhausted.   BEEN THERE. 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ It feels like a struggle to come up with every new post, and as soon as you come up with one, it’s time to make the next one.  You always feel behind, it feels impossible to get caught up or even consider the idea of … Read More

Vulnerability As A Commodity: Where’s the Line?

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I’m noticing a trend in the online space where vulnerability is the new “it” factor and at times, seems like it’s being treated as a commodity to be traded in exchange for likes, download numbers and increased publicity. Listen, vulnerability is a beautiful thing.  It brings us closer together, creates deeper connections and reminds us that we’re all part of … Read More