The Hidden Costs of Losing Yourself in Relationships

October 27, 2022

Entering into a relationship means devoting a big part of yourself to someone else. But how do you give yourself to someone else without losing yourself completely? 

I see this happen very often, where people shelf their own needs, core values and joy for the sake of the relationship. It usually results in relationship imbalance and the devastating lack of deep connection and joy. The pain of which can also affect future relationships. 

But just because your life now operates in tandem with someone else, doesn’t mean losing yourself. Here, I have three fundamental keys to retaining your sense of self in a relationship, while still creating that harmonious balance with someone else that makes every great relationship so special. 

In this episode, we’re talking about: 

  • Why people often lose their sense of self in a relationship
  • The three main entities within a relationship
  • How losing yourself affects your current and future relationships
  • What to focus on in a new relationship
  • Why we minimize or lack joy in our relationships
  • Three keys for retaining your sense of self in a relationship
  • Why you should take it slow when starting a relationship
  • Why you shouldn’t give up your outside interests in a relationship


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