The Uncomfortable Exploration of the Grey Area: Nothing is Black or White

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We’re living in one of the most polarizing moments of human history.  Everyone has access to more information than ever, everyone has an opinion, and many of us are actually less likely to have our minds changed even when presented with new information on various topics than ever before. Being dead-set in our beliefs without the willingness to explore other … Read More

The Life-Altering Year of 32: Burning Bridges, Building Relationships & Facing Your Darkest Fears

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We’re talking about 12 hard lessons learned over the past year, but first I wanted to let you know…. OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT: PODCASTING FOR IMPACT: The Course. This is the project I’ve been working on for months, and it’s going to teach you how to not only bring your podcast to life, but to increase your visibility, promote yourself and … Read More

How to Have Greater Impact in the World

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Introducing…Podcasting with Impact, your complete roadmap to launching and growing a successful podcast, including the 3 secrets no one talks about when it comes to podcasting. I’m giving you everything you need to know to bring your podcast to life, make incredible connections with guests and listeners alike, and be able to have the positive impact you want and spread … Read More

Alone & Lonely Are Not Synonymous: Loneliness is a State of Mind

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Let’s face it: most of us are feeling lonelier overall than we ever have before.  But sometimes being alone and being lonely are often confused. What we sometimes forget is that we can be very happy alone.  But usually when we’re lonely, we want something to shift or change.  The sad irony in loneliness is that it makes us feel … Read More