Positive Reinforcement Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good

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I don’t agree with everything that Gary Vaynerchuk puts out into the world, but this Instagram post he did really struck a deep chord: “You’re addicted: To people telling you you’re pretty. To people telling you you’re talented. To teachers telling you you’re a good student. To opinions. The reason so many struggle with negativity is because they overvalue positive … Read More

[BIZ TIPS] How an Awkward Introvert Makes Friends Around the Globe

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BY POPULAR REQUEST: I’m breaking apart a topic that I’ve been asked about by so many people in recent months and how I seem to make friends fairly rapidly and seemingly everywhere I go in my global travels.  I’ve even surprised myself at times, because I fully identify as being not only an introvert (which is not synonymous with shy, … Read More

The Weight of Expectations & Attaching to Outcomes

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The weight of expectations can crush relationships, businesses, and self confidence. This can happen in all kinds of different situations.  Business & personal/romantic relationships, that job interview you went to, the vacation you have planned in advance down to the minute, even a night out with friends sometimes. We make up stories in our heads about *exactly* how a certain … Read More

Communication, Betrayal, Infidelity & Self Esteem with Renelle Nelson

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Today’s guest has valuable insights that we can all benefit from in our relationships, particularly if you’ve ever dealt with any type of infidelity, or even if you’re simply looking to make your relationship even healthier – even, and especially, if that means the relationship you have with yourself. I’m thrilled to have hosted the incredible Renelle E Nelson on the … Read More

Cancer, Depression & Strength: A Powerful Story of Hope & Resilience with Tom McClelland

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It’s an honour to be able to introduce you to Tom McClelland on the podcast today. I connected with Tom at Canggu Nest, the best gym in Canggu here in Bali (my bias isn’t showing here at all 😂) and was immediately drawn to Tom’s amazing energy and positivity that absolutely radiates from him.  When I got to know him a … Read More

Liespotting: Detecting Deception in Everyday Life

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“No one can lie to you without your approval.” –Pamela Meyer This episode is ROBUST.  Seriously, I’ve don’t think I’ve ever spent so long researching to put an episode together, and even with all of the various areas covered in this episode, it only scratches the surface of the science of detecting lies and deception. After ending my 9 year … Read More