Listening to Your Intuition & Gut Instinct: Stop Ignoring Your Body

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  I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this episode after openly discussing the signs my body was screaming at me that something wasn’t right in my long term relationship.  When my former partner’s 9 years of infidelity was revealed, everything suddenly made so much more sense. Even with my background in psychology and holistic nutrition (which examines the body … Read More

The Dark Side of Social Media: Stalking, Protecting Your Privacy & Mental Health

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  **If you haven’t yet listened to episode #117 The 9 Year Affair: Lessons in Infidelity, I strongly recommend checking it out first as a prerequisite for this episode** After uncovering the infidelity that had been going on in my previous long-term relationship for 9 years and realizing the degree to which I had been tracked online by one of … Read More

Attaching Self Worth to Work with Jessica Rodriguez

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I met Jessica Rodriguez at an event in LA back in May, and was immediately drawn to her beautiful energy and get-shit-done attitude, as well as her refreshing honesty. As the Founder of Freedom Driven Success, Jessica Rodriguez has an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven businesses expand beyond a 1:1 reliant business model with scalable offers that allow them to … Read More

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Simple Shifts Towards Sustainability

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We all know that we need to be doing more to protect the environment from further erosion and to do something, anything, to try and reverse the immense damage that has already been done. Today I’m giving you some suggestions on things that you can build into your lifestyle to make changes and shift towards greater sustainability.  Because I know … Read More

Navigating Entrepreneurship: What Doesn’t Get Shared Publicly with Christina Montalvo

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We’re back at it again!  Christina of The Confidence Project Podcast is on with me today, and we’re talking about the shit that people don’t talk about when it comes to entrepreneurship.  No, seriously, there’s some things you need to hear. We’re covering: What no one tells you about being an entrepreneur All the work that goes on behind the … Read More

Emotional Mastery: Becoming the CEO of Our Brains with Omozua Isiramen

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 Have you ever caught yourself stuck in a cycle of thinking that life will be a little easier when things calm down?  That there’s just so much happening right now, it’s hard to be able to function at your highest level….except that things never calm down.  If anything, you seem to get busier and more stressed, not less. That’s … Read More