The Life-Altering Year of 32: Burning Bridges, Building Relationships & Facing Your Darkest Fears

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We’re talking about 12 hard lessons learned over the past year, but first I wanted to let you know…. OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT: PODCASTING FOR IMPACT: The Course. This is the project I’ve been working on for months, and it’s going to teach you how to not only bring your podcast to life, but to increase your visibility, promote yourself and … Read More

Alone & Lonely Are Not Synonymous: Loneliness is a State of Mind

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Let’s face it: most of us are feeling lonelier overall than we ever have before.  But sometimes being alone and being lonely are often confused. What we sometimes forget is that we can be very happy alone.  But usually when we’re lonely, we want something to shift or change.  The sad irony in loneliness is that it makes us feel … Read More

When Things Go Wrong: Lessons From Crying in an Apple Store

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I cried in an Apple store the other day. 2 weeks without use of my laptop that refused to turn on, more than a dozen hours logged on the phone with Apple across divisions on 3 different continents, multiple round trip flights between flying to Honolulu from a different Hawaiian Island and then again from Bali to Australia just to … Read More

Communication, Betrayal, Infidelity & Self Esteem with Renelle Nelson

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Today’s guest has valuable insights that we can all benefit from in our relationships, particularly if you’ve ever dealt with any type of infidelity, or even if you’re simply looking to make your relationship even healthier – even, and especially, if that means the relationship you have with yourself. I’m thrilled to have hosted the incredible Renelle E Nelson on the … Read More

STRONG AS F*CK: Strength is the Only Viable Option

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My main goal is to continue to cultivate my entire being into the strongest version of myself. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Life is going to throw curveballs, and it’s a direct result of those hits when you least expect them that make you stronger. But you have a choice, too. You get to decide your own strength. You get to choose … Read More

Cancer, Depression & Strength: A Powerful Story of Hope & Resilience with Tom McClelland

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It’s an honour to be able to introduce you to Tom McClelland on the podcast today. I connected with Tom at Canggu Nest, the best gym in Canggu here in Bali (my bias isn’t showing here at all 😂) and was immediately drawn to Tom’s amazing energy and positivity that absolutely radiates from him.  When I got to know him a … Read More