Mastering Simple Meal Prep with Minimal Time & Energy with Justine Cappel (And How to Involve Kids)

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Today’s guest is breaking down what so many of us struggle with: how to prepare meals when we’re on the go and on a full schedule. Justine Cappel is a pre and post natal fitness specialist, personal trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach. She’s the owner of Twenty Toes Fitness based in Toronto, and Justine runs a passion project on Instagram called … Read More

Grit, The Lies We Tell Ourselves & What Entrepreneurship Really Looks Like with Lori Kennedy

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We are fortunate enough to have a very special guest on the podcast today (and she happens to be a fellow Canadian!) Lori Kennedy is the founder and CEO of The Wellness Business Hub which provides professional training and personal development for health practitioners looking to build and grow their businesses online. She’s also a mom, and lover of all … Read More

Q & A Episode: How to Start a Podcast, Anxiety, Minimalism, Being Sneaky with Veggies, and More!

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Episode 50!  How did we get here so fast?! I need to take a moment to thank YOU for listening.  You make this all possible, and it’s all of you I’m thinking about every time I put together an episode.  From of the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing up every week, it means the absolute world to … Read More

Skin Episode: The Foundations of Getting Glowing, Healthy Skin & Dealing with Eczema, Hormonal Acne & Gut Health

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I’ve gotten a lot of requests about how to get that glow when it comes to your skin, and I’ve put together a skin 101 episode for you that will help establish the foundation of how to get great skin. Plus, I’m sharing how I recently had some eczema appear on my face and cheeks and explaining what I think … Read More

Creating the Freedom to Live & Play Within Your Days, and Impacting Climate Change with Elana Jadallah of Elanaloo & Dérive Collective

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Today’s episode is a VERY special listen, with an extraordinary guest discussing some incredibly important topics.  It also happens to be one of my favourite episodes to date, and I don’t say that about just any episode! Meet Elana Jadallah. Elana, or as some call her, Loo,  is an entrepreneur, photographer and educator who runs the blog and co-founded … Read More

Staying Motivated When You Fall Off the Wagon

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There’s a BRAND NEW, very special way to work with me! Introducing the Body Breakthrough Blueprint, a full audit of your nutrition to help you figure out what’s working, what isn’t and uncovering your breakthrough to ditch the diets for GOOD Let’s be honest here, real, sustainable health isn’t about dieting.  It’s about lifestyle changes and looking at the full … Read More

The Birthday Episode: Simple Ways to Create More Joy (Even When Life Gets Challenging)

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Quick reminder: some of the links below may be affiliate links, check out the disclaimer and terms & conditions for more info.   Today’s my birthday. I don’t generally make a big deal about it, to be honest. I didn’t even think I was going to do a special podcast episode about it, but this has been a big year. … Read More

Ayurveda, Connecting with Nature, and Trusting Your Intuition with Andrea Claassen

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Even if you know aren’t familiar with Ayruveda, you’re going to love today’s incredible guest and walk away with advice and super easy tips that you can implement into your everyday life right away for big results. On today’s show I’m talking to Andrea Claassen, an Ayurvedic Coach, personal trainer, and new moon circle leader.  Her mission is to help … Read More

Survive & Thrive During the Holidays 101

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The festive season is officially upon us, because I walked into a grocery store the other day and they already had advent calendars and Christmas decoration.  Where did you go, 2018?! With Canadian Thanksgiving behind us, American Thanksgiving coming up, and all the festivities that December brings, this can be the merriest time of the year.  It can also be … Read More