One Hundred Episodes of Growing

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Thousands upon thousands of downloads. Listened to in 55+ countries. 47 interviews with 43 different guests. This crazy journey of the Room to Grow Podcast these past 100 episodes has been surreal to me at times, and I cannot WAIT to do hundreds more! But today, for episode 100, I’ve got something extra special for you.  We’re taking a look … Read More

A Shift in Business: Podcasting, Coaching, Nutrition & Personal Growth

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I’m sharing some big news today! Moving forward, I’m refocusing my work more towards podcasting coaching and helping women learn to share their stories and experiences in a powerful way to reach new audiences and connect with people on a whole new level.  This decision hasn’t been an easy one.  I agonized for month, debating whether or not I wanted … Read More

Genetics vs. Environment & the Impact of Choice with Orlena Kerek

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Dr. Orlena Kerek trained as a paediatric doctor and is originally from the UK.  Now living in Spain with her family including her four children, Dr. Orlena previously wrote about picky eating and has since pivoted to a pivoted to a life, health and weight loss coach. We covered a lot of ground in this episode, including: Dr. Orlena’s identity crisis when … Read More

Overwhelm & Information Overload is Our Responsibility

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How to handle information overload.  It’s a question I’m asked about regularly. There’s so much info out there floating around, and with unlimited access to books, podcasts, social media and let loose with a Google search bar, it can feel hard to know where to begin when it comes to making changes to your life. Whether it’s lifestyle, nutrition or … Read More

Recovering From an Eating Disorder & the Impact of Health on Your Relationship with Kym Herrmann

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This was such an incredible conversation with a friend of mine, and I’m honoured to introduce her to you! Kym Herrmann is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who believes that everyone can find freedom from food bondage and self-limiting beliefs. Using holistic nutrition and mindset, she helps people unlock their real potential by nourishing their minds and bodies with real food … Read More

How to Handle Cravings

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Cravings.  We’ve all gotten them, they can sneak up on us unexpectedly, and sometimes we might even feel totally out of control around food when they happen. We don’t trust ourselves, and we feel like there’s something wrong with us.  Why can’t we just stay away from these foods?! Today I’m giving you the 4 big things I use with … Read More

Post-Birth Control Syndrome, Fertility & PCOS with Dr. Jolene Brighten

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I’m absolutely honoured today to bring to you the leading expert in a major (but often ignored) women’s health issue to the podcast. Dr. Jolene Brighten is a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Medical Doctor and the founder of Rubus Health, a women’s medicine clinic that specializes in women’s hormones. She is recognized as a leading expert in Post-Birth Control Syndrome and … Read More